Al's BEST Water

What's Al's BEST Water?

Like this...

(Actual Al's BEST Water) It's seriously so fucking good.

I bet it is. What are people saying?

I'd totally pay three bucks for this.

- Mary

It's the best thing I've ever tasted!

- Dana

It's almost too refreshing.

- Jamie

A 15 out of 10 for water.

- Robert

It's actually really good.

- Elena

This is the biggest water of my life.

- Duminda

Whoa, where do I get an Al's BEST Water?

I live right by the gates of Trinity Bellwoods park. You'll have to hit me up on social media and I'll make you one if I'm home.

Sounds delicious, How much?

It's $3 bucks, but there's a $1 deposit on the jar, so if you bring the jar back, I'll give you your dollar back.

Any money I make, I'll donate to Toronto Parks and Trees. I seriously fucking love Toronto.

What's your twitter or whatever?

Follow me to find out when you can get some.